1. If I am unable to attend the World Youth International Model United Nations, can’t I get a refund?

As mentioned in the terms and conditions, the payment for this event is non-refundable. We are unable to do so because our team already paid the conference venue and accommodation expenses which can be refunded.

2. Who is responsible if I get hurt or my belongings get lost or damaged during the event?

Delegates will be personally responsible for all charges and damages incurred by them to their personal belongings. We will provide full support and help as much as we can, but certain responsibilities are not within our reach and it is your responsibility to protect yourself and your items. We will provide assistance in case you are sick, but we also recommend you bring your own medicines.

3. Do you capture official photos during the event, and can we have official documentation?

At WYIMUN, we will have our official photographers and videographers who capture the event and the official documentation can be attained within 7 days after the conclusion of the conference. Please note that by applying for WYIMUN, you agree to have your photographs taken and permit us to use the images/videos for the promotional campaigns in the future. We won’t sell and use graphics for commercial purposes. For any problem and concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us.

4. Do you cover my flight?

The scholarship winners will get return flight tickets. These are not included for the rest of the delegates.

5. Where can I get the supporting documents needed for my visa?

Delegates can be provided Invitation Letter for the application of visa after submission of a scanned copy of passport and credentials information. Letter of Acceptance can also be given on request.

6. Do I need to pay for participation in this event?

Yes, all the delegates (except scholarship winners) will need to pay for the facilities such as accommodation, city tour, meals, etc. It will be to claim your spot on the experience of a lifetime. There are different packages available for participation in WYIMUN.

7. What companies/organizations can I reach out to for sponsorship?

There are many companies that have a special quota and budget that is solely dedicated to social activities and for the encouragement of enthusiastic individuals. There are official listings where university and college students can get sponsorship.

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