General Information


01. Application Overview


WYIMUN aims to establish a network of dedicated and talented youth who aspire to learn about leadership and become the change makers in their communities. We provide a platform for such energetic individuals and train and hone their ideas so that they can be impactfully implemented. We offer no discrimination at all and encourage everyone, regardless of their background, to apply. There will be various council sessions in the event where thousands of delegates will participate. Social activities will feature renowned professionals, diplomats, and speakers, offering golden opportunities to connect and have fun.

Delegates requirement

  • World Youth International Model United Nations (WYIMUN) invites young people aged 15 to 35 from across the globe who want to learn about diplomacy, and global issues and improve their personality skills in a UN stimulatory environment.
  • Participants must be enrolled in High School/University or be a graduate of these institutions working in International Organizations or Companies.

Country and Council Assignment

The assignments for the countries and councils that will be featured in WYIMUN will be decided by different considerations, and these include MUN experience, Motivation Letter, and council quote as decided by the Secretariat. If participants are not assigned their requested councils, then they will be accommodated in their second or third council preferences. In the case of quota being full, the committee is authorized to allocate to a different council.

02. Venue for Upcoming WYIMUN Conferences

Turkey,        November  2021
Pakistan,     December  2021

Qatar,           February    2022

WYIMUN is going to be held in the great countries. A vibrant and lively place, that has a centuries-old history and is home to some of the most iconic destinations and historical places. It is one of the most favorite tourist destination spots and has a lot of fun places to explore and enjoy.

03. Financial Aid & Guide To Fundraising

Just pay $10 for registration for this spectacular global event and you can win a chance to experience it free of cost! After a selection process, the scholarship scheme will be awarded to 40 participants after application submission and assessment of the submitted documents. The scholarship will be fully and partially funded. It includes accommodation, two times meals, and much more. For grabbing this opportunity, participants will need to fulfill the requirements and eligibility criteria and register for the event.

For Sponsorship

Delegates can also apply for sponsorship to concerned organizations and use the provided proposal and letter of acceptance that can aid in grant approval.

The Steps:

After the completion of the application process and registering for the event, the delegates in WYIMUN will be provided with a Letter of Acceptance (LoA). This document can be used in the sponsorship proposal where delegates must mention their credentials and requirements. The proposal can then be submitted to the school or university, or any sort of a funding group.

04. Travel Arrangements, Hotels & Food

Travel Arrangements

Delegates who have not won the scholarship are required to make their own arrangements for the flight tickets from and to the conference venue and their city of residence for arrival or departure. Only the delegates who have bought the full accommodation package will be provided with the hotel accommodation for the 3-day duration of the event as well as Airport Assistance and shuttle service.

Food Options

At WYIMUN, delegates will be given different food options as well based on their choices. Make sure to tell your dietary needs and health conditions beforehand. WYIMUN is not responsible for the food preferences of the delegates.

Hotel Accommodations

WYIMUN will provide sharing rooms to the delegates for 2 to 3 persons (valid only for full accommodation delegates). The organizing committee will decide the hotel allocation as per the need and suitability.

05. Payments



  • All payments shall be done through our official website.
  • Payments can be made through Credit/Debit Card, PayPal or International Wire Transfer.
  • All fee is non-refundable.



Delegation Fee ($70) 

Required for each delegation (delegations must have at least four students, including the Head Delegate)


Delegate Fee for Turkey


 International Delegate Conference Package


  • Full Experience ($660)
  • Accommodation ($550)
  • Non-Accommodation ($379)



 Delegate Fee for Pakistan 


 International Delegate Conference Package


  • Full Experience ($250)
  • Non-Accommodation ($140)


    National Delegate Conference Package

  • Full Experience ($210)
  • Non- Accommodation ($55)




Required for each delegate in a delegation, andor for each single delegate must pay delegate fee according to given packages


Faculty Advisor Fee ($499)

Required for each faculty advisor in a delegation


Observer Fee ($499)


Required for all attendees who are not delegates, staff, or faculty.


* Fees are in USD ($).

 ** Fees are subject to change.








06. Refund Policy

We do not offer a refund policy.

Refund policy for failed visa applications

In case of visa rejection, the notification must be received by WYIMUN team in writing (email) no later than at least a month before the conference starts for refunds to be eligible. Cancellations received after this cut-off time will no longer be eligible for refund. In the event that printed proceedings have been ordered and the registrant is unable to attend, no refunds will be made. 

The cancellations made after a failed visa application will be refunded as follows: We will only charge 40 percent of the payment, and the remaining 60 percent will be refunded. 


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