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Deadline for WYIMUN 2020: MARCH 25, 2020


WYIMUN 2020 is a global event to be held in the stunning city of London, the United Kingdom. The aim is to assemble a nexus of bright young minds who want to lead the future, and this event will be a gateway to unlock the leadership potential within you. From meeting renowned diplomats to connecting with curious young people and improving your debating skills, we offer the opportunity to hone your skills and develop the personality required for diplomacy and statesmanship.

This special program is for students/youth from ages 15-35 and is an opportunity to experience the environment and workings of the UN councils. There are various social events along with committee sessions that enable a broad learning affair. The city tour will take the participants through the iconic features of London that attract millions of tourists every year.

About the Scholarship

We at WYIMUN believe in giving equal opportunities to everyone irrespective of their background. Our goal is to bring youthful and energetic minds to this conference, even if financial means are limited. Our scholarship program has been developed in that regard that can contribute to the diverse and international experience of WYIMUN. International students and young leaders are encouraged to apply for a WYIMUN scholarship and participate in this program.
Our scholarship program is comprised of two elements i.e. Accommodation and Conference Fee Waiver. Applicants can go for either of these elements or both combined. Your application should reflect your personality and motivation to attend this conference and how it will align with your future plans. Four (4) lucky participants will be given a scholarship making them eligible to attend the conference free of cost (exclusive of airfare and visa fee). They will access to all events and sub-events for 3 days.

Guidelines for the scholarship competition

You need to write an essay on how climate change is affecting or relating to your region. Use examples to illustrate its effects and suggest solutions to counter the problem.

  • Your essay should be between 1000 to 1200 words. You need to present facts and figures and make sure to present and write your ideas coherently as it will be one of the basic aspects that will be judged. Write in paragraphs and use the Times New Roman font.
  • Provide your correct credentials in the documents.
  • You will have to pay a $40 registration fee to send your entry. This is just a small amount which will have big perks if you win!
  • Remember that you must be an enrolled student and at least 16 years old at the time the conference takes place.
  • Furthermore, please provide us with a scanned copy of your Student-ID and passport and a photo of you (as part of the process). 
  • To finalize your application, we will require one or two references (one should be an academic referee) which must be sent directly to info@wyimun.com. The references can include the following aspects: 
  1. How long have you known the candidate and what is your connection to him/her?
  2. What do you consider to be the candidate’s main strengths?
  3. What do you consider to be the candidate’s principal weaknesses?
  4. What, in your opinion, is the candidate’s motivation to participate at WYIMUN 2020? Why do you think his/her participation would be an enrichment for the conference?


    – Attend the conference free of cost (exclusive of accommodation, airfare, and visa fees).
    – Access to all events and sub-events at WYIMUN 2020.
    – Networking opportunity to connect with youth from different cultures/countries
    – Stay in the gorgeous city of London, United Kingdom
    – Learn about diplomacy and statesmanship
    – Develop and improve different personality skills like critical thinking, public speaking, etc.
    – Role play as delegates in the UN councils and conferences
    – Meet up with diplomats, ambassadors, and renowned professionals
    – Certificate of participation

    So, what is stopping you now? Participate in this competition it’s too late and win a scholarship. We at WYIMUN guarantee that you will have an experience of a lifetime at our event that is going to be held in the stunning city of London.
    Hop on and join us now!

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